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The teacher was asking the class what they would like to be when thy grow up. One little girl said she wants to be a nurse. Another wanted to be a chef. One boy wanted to be a cop, another a fireman. Then she asked "Little Johnny, what would you like to be?" He promptly said "A sex therapist!" So the teacher asks "Do you know what they do? And why do you think it is a good job?"

So Johnny said "Let me give you a riddle. There are three girls walking down the street. They are eating ice cream. One is biting it, one is licking it and one is sucking on it. So which one is married?"

The teacher thought for a minute and said "The one that is sucking the ice cream?" And Johnny said "Wrong. The married one is the one with the wedding ring. And as long as there are people like you, I will always have patients."

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