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 1. I have moss growing:
 A) In my garden
 B) In my bathroom
 C) In my kitchen
 D) On my teeth
 2. When I open my mouth at parties, people:
 A) Listen
 B) Ease away slowly
 C) Stuff a live weasel down my throat
 3. I think computers are:
 A) Uninteresting
 B) Interesting
 C) Too damn small for the stuff I want to do
 4. I think sheep are:
 A) Uninteresting
 B) Interesting
 C) Annoyingly far away from where I live
 5. The Usenet Oracle is:
 A) A pack of weenies who think about "Lisa" way too much
 B) Interesting
 C) Not appreciative of the great answers I write; the
    Priesthood is out to get me
 6. The gender I desire to have sexual relations with is:
 A) Difficult to understand
 B) Impossible to understand
 C) Clearly from a different planet
 D) How should I know? I've only seen pictures
 7. Bill Gates is:
 A) Bill who?
 B) Very wealthy
 C) Head of Microsoft, which produces some widely used products
 D) The Antichrist
 8. In general, people:
 A) Like me
 B) Don't like me
 C) People? What people?
 9. My friends are:
 A) Diverse
 B) People I know from work or school
 C) Wearing the same clothing I am
 10. My dream vacation is:
 A) Tibet
 B) Europe
 C) California
 D) In a room with lots of fluorescent lights and an unlimited
    supply of coffee
 11. My job prospects are:
 A) Abysmal
 B) Adequate
 C) I'll never be out of work, you hear me? Never!
 D) They pay people to do this?
 Score 0 for each A, 1 for each B, 2 for each C, and 3 for each D.
 19 or more : Yep. You're a computer geek, all right.
 13 - 18    : You're a geek of some stripe or another.
  7 - 12    : Probably not a geek, but watch it...
  0 -  6    : If you're of the opposite sex, could you leave a note 
              for me in the personals column? Please? Hello? 

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