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"Football today would certainly not be the same if it had never existed."
Elton Welsby

"Those are the sort of doors that get opened if you don't close them"
Terry Venables

"Before the game our dressing room was like Dunkirk before they went over the ttrenches."
John Sillet

"England have just scored their second goal from a penalty corner. This will add to their first goal."
Ron Jones

"and again the game's turned round on it head."
Trevor Brooking

"Oh, tha's good running on the run."
John Motson

"It's a football stadium in the truest sense of the word.
John Motson

"He put his body between himself and the defender."
Paul Sturrock

"He has always played for Inter Milan, whilst his brother plays just across the city at AC Milan, who of course share the same stadium."
Brian Moore

"I never predict anything and I never will do."
Paul Gascoigne

"George (Graham) will be happy with a draw - I know how ambitious and positive he is."
Terry Neill

"When you think about it, there's three games per working week - Saturday, mid-week and Saturday again."
Jimmy Greaves

"It was a bit like a game of chess; they kicked the ball from one end to the other."
John Monie

"It's a good job I'm not colour blind because both teams are playing in balck and white."
Harry Gration

"There's one that hasn't been cancelled because of the arctic conditions - it's been cancelled because of a frozen pitch."
Bob Wilson

"It's as if there's a laser beam in his chest attracting the ball."
Jimmy Hill

"...and tonight we have the added ingredient of Kenny Dalglish not being here."
Martin Tyler

"I wonder whether Man United are missing the absence of Bruce?"
Trevor Francis

"He's captain of Rangers and that's on of the reasons he's captain."
Walter Smith

"Without picking out anyone in particular, I thought Mark Wright was tremendous."
Alan Shearer

"As the ball came over, Speed threw his head at it."

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