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* While in a pub in England, a condom machine in the men's room had this on the ad: "Manufactured to strict British standards."
Underneath, someone had scratched, "So was the Titanic."

* In a trip through upstate New York, I saw a sign reading "TUESDAY NIGHT, Jump Into bed with a stranger - FREE HOT DOGS!"

* I was in Nags Head, NC in 1994 During a hurricane (I believe it was Gordon) and at the end of a pier, I saw this sign:
"Wanted - Virgins to sacrifice to hurricane gods, Apply within."

* Last year while vacationing in Salt Lake City, we encountered a unique garage sale sign:
"Garage Sale, Handguns, Ammo and House plants."

* While driving on the West-bound I-10 from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, my friends and I saw a couple of small signs every few miles. They read,
"PMS Test Site." I still don't know what they're supposed to mean, but we've had plenty of speculation.

* On a bumper sticker:
"Take my advice, I'm not using it"

* Sign seen in a bar:
"Those drinking to forget please pay in advance."

* Sign by a urinal said:
"The same guy who removes the cigarette butts from the urinal, also puts the ice in your drinks."

* Sign outside kids game store:
"Be nice to your kids. They choose your nursing home."

* On a bumper sticker:
"Don't steal, the government hates competition."

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