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This couple had a really terrible little kid, Johnny. He was always fighting and cussing and getting in trouble at school. Finally he was expelled from public school, so the parents decided to try private school. They enrolled him in a private boys' school that was supposed to be wonderful. Within a week, little Johnny is expelled. The father is so upset he says, "That does it he's going to military school -- they should be able to discipline him there!" Within a week at military school, Johnny is expelled once more. The only thing left to try is parochial school.

The parents take him to the Catholic school and hope for the best. A week goes by and there are no problems. The parents are pleased but still wary. Another week goes by and still no trouble. The parents are happy but still waiting for the inevitable. More time passes and Johnny gets a report card on which the nuns have given him good marks for his behavior. Johnny's parents are floored. They call him into the room to see what caused this change.

"Do you really like Catholic school?" asks the mother. "No," replies little Johnny. "Then what has caused this turnaround in your behavior?" inquires his father. "Well," says Johnny, "on the first day they lined us up and took us into a big room. Inside, there was a man nailed to a cross. I knew I had better behave because these guys meant business!"

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