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You Might be a Microsoft Employee If:

1. Every night you dream of torturing Linus Torvalds

2. Every morning you say, "I pledge allegiance to the logo of the United Corporation of Microsoft. And to the stock options for which it stands, one company, under Bill, with headaches and buggy software for all."

3. Your favorite pick-up line is, "Hey you want to see a little ActiveX?"

4. Everytime you see a website with "Best viewed with Netscape" on it you feel like filing a lawsuit against its webmaster

5. You feel that all Anti-Microsoft websites should be censored because they are on the Internet, something Bill "invented."

6. You've set a goal to invent at least one new buzzword or acronym per day

7. You've ever been nervous because you haven't registered your Microsoft software yet.

8. You've trained your parrot to say "Unix sucks!" and "All hail Bill Gates!"

9. You own a limited edition Monopoly game in which Boardwalk is Microsoft and Jail is replaced by Justice Department Investigation

10. You've spent countless hours tracking down the source of the "Microsoft Acquires Vatican Church" rumor

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