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Little Johnny runs into the house and says "Mommy, Mommy, What's a Penis?" His Mother, rather shocked says, I think you need to ask your Dad. So Johnny runs into the other room and says, "Dad, Dad, what's a Penis?" His Dad says, Johnny, my boy, you come to the right place. He walks him to the john and zips it out, lays it in the old palm, and says, "See that! Well, that a penis. But, that's not just any Penis, my boy. That's the perfect Penis!" The next day, Johnny runs into his friend Billy. "Billy," he says, "listen, do you know what a penis is?" Billy, wide eyed says. "Naw Johnny. What?"

"Billy, my boy", he says, "you've come to the right place." They go to the boys room, Johnny lays it in the old palm and says, "Billy, you see that? Well, that's a penis. And, if it was two inches shorter, it would be the perfect penis!"

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