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Johnny asks his grandfather for a bicycle for his birthday, but gets a chemistry set instead. Later that day, the grandfather looks out the window and sees Johnny in the back yard pulling up earthworms. He watches as Johnny dips a worm into a liquid he's concocted. When Johnny pulls the worm out, it's perfectly straight. Furthermore, Johnny proceeds to pick up a hammer and *nail* this worm into a two-by-four.

Astonished, the grandfather watches Johnny do this with a couple more worms before he goes out to speak to him: "Johnny - if you let me have that mixture you've put together, then tomorrow I'll buy you that bicycle you wanted!" Johnny is elated and agrees. The next day, after playing with some friends down the street, Johnny comes home to find a Harley-Davidson sitting in the driveway.

He goes in and finds his grandfather. "Grandpa," he says, "what am I going to do with a motorcycle? I thought you were going to buy me the bicycle." "Oh, of course!" the grandfather replied. "Your bicycle is in the back yard. Your grandmother bought you the Harley!"

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