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It's Christmas Eve, and Santa Claus is going about his business, delivering presents around the world. He slides down the chimney of yet another house, delivers the goods, takes a bite and drink of the cookies and milk left for him, and turns to go back up the chimney.

As he's leaving, he hears someone softly call his name, "Santa, please don't go." Santa turns to see a drop-dead gorgeous woman, dressed in a Christmas green silk robe, sprawled seductively across the couch. After putting his eyes back in their sockets, Santa, takes a big gulp and says, "Ho-Ho-Ho, gotta go! Got presents to deliver you know!"

The woman, undaunted, removes the robe, exposing her perfect body encased in a Christmas red lace teddy, red silk stockings and garter. She coos teasingly, "Santa, please don't go." After putting his tongue back in his mouth, and loosening his fur collar, Santa ekes out, "Ho- Ho-Ho, gotta go! Got presents to deliver you know!"

The woman pulls the string on her teddy, exposing her beautiful breasts. She whispers seductively, "Oh Santa, please don't go." After picking his jaw up off of the floor, Santa, sweating profusely, looks down, looks back at the vision before him and says, "Hey-Hey-Hey, gotta stay! Can't get up that chimney with this in my way."

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