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Top 10 New Star Trek Toys For Christmas

10. "Borg Adapter Kit" Longing for Locutus? This handy little kit will allow you to assimilate any of your action figures

9. "Play-Doh Food Replicator and Cloning Facility"

8. "Borg Ship" with assimilation area and places to put disassembled parts of your other toy ships. Spend hours of fun threatening the galaxy

7. "My First Tricorder"

6. "Holodeck play set" You two can recreate all those great holodeck program backgrounds and costumes (sold separately). Comes with Lieutenant Barclay action figure. (Some programs may not be available to minors)

5. "Screwed-up timeline Series" Yep, all your favorite time travel episodes" A. U.S.S. Bozeman play set (with Captain Bates action figure) B. Enterprise-C play set (with Captian Garret action figure) C. Unification Play set (with Sela and Pardek action figures) D. Time's arrow Play set (complete with Data's head, two pocket watches, the snake cane, and Mark Twain action figure) E. U.S.S. Jenolan play set (With Mr Scott action figure)

4. "Deanna Troi Chocolate Factory"

3. "Kill Wesly Play Set" Now you can finally do all those things to Wesley Crusher you wanted to see on TV! Comes with "Crash Test Dummy" Action figure of Wesley Crusher (Crash test Alexander sold separately)

2. "Shuttlecraft Bay of Doom Play Set" With falling barrels, crates of leaking/unstable explosives, defective airlock, plasma fire, and an unstable gateway to another world.

and the number one Star Trek Toy this Crhistmas:

1. A fully functional Phaser

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