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Why did the chicken cross the Road ? Foreign Leaders: The New Zealanders (16)

Sue Bradford: To protest.

Renee Chignall: Of course I made the chicken do it, but the chicken wanted to be forced.

Lord Cooke of Thorndon: The question here is one of motivation, for which the test now is whether the chicken's action was reasonable.

Sandra Cooney: This chicken was forced accoss this road by the government's blatant disregard for anything other than the bottom line.

Pam Corkery: Why did the CHICKEN cross the ROAD. That's just the sort of stupid pig ignorant patronising question I've come to expect a dork like you to ask. (Radio talkback host and new MP)

Jim Hickey: The chicken was tripped up by the end of a swirling tropical cycloney whirl and caught in a nor'westerly flow by that mashed potato depression over the Pacific.

Rodney Hide: The chicken did not stop to consider the real cost of it's excursion because it's government subsidised perk hid the cost from the taxpaying public. . Tame Iti: The chicken crossed the road to trample Tuhoe rangitiratanga which if it had bothered to study the real historical facts of this matter it would have known were the true law and custom which govern all chickens. (.Maori activist. Renowned for not even consulting other Maori activists.)

Justice Mahon: It has been this roads misfortune to be crossed by an orchastrated litany of chickens. The truth is the most probable cause was a malevolent trick of the poultry light. ( Conducted the Erebus Enquiry into the AirNZ crash inopt Mt Erebus in Antartica Renowned for calling the airlines testimony "an orchestrated litany of lies".)

Ken Mair: Birds are the true indigenous inhabitants of New Zealand and as such are the true owners of all land. It is none of your business what the chicken does on it's land. (Barmy Maori Activist. No actual platform but a lot of anger.)

Colin Mccahon: IT WAS.

Les Mills: The chicken has made a choice, which was not genetically determined, and we would all live better together if the chicken stopped trying to blame society for the choice the chicken made for itself. ( Millionaire Gym Owner and Mayor of Auckland.)

Tukoroirangi Morgan: The chicken's mana entitled it to cross the road whenever it wanted and wherever it wanted. The chicken is not required to provide a reason for its actions. It's time the rednecks stopped chicken-bashing. ( MP for New Zealand First and general)

Geoffrey Palmer: Without a constitutional restraint, we, the people of New Zealand, cannot stop an unbridled chicken. ( NZ Prime Minister )

Winston Peters: I am fed up with the constant stream of unproven accusations from the press. This email is not an appropriate forum to reveal the motives of the chicken. To discuss this matter now would be to pre-empt a possible court action. I am frankly disappointed you asked that question.

Bert Potter: Your very question betrays your misconception of the chicken. The chicken was old enough to consent.

Michael Joseph Savage: Where we go, the chicken goes. Where we stand, the chicken stands. (Famous New Zealand Labour Prime Minister)

Bruce Slane: : I am concerned at the disclosure of this information on the chicken's crossing. Such reports have left the chicken feeling completely let down, and have hurt its feelings and affected its attitude. (NZ Privacy Commissioner)

Annette Sykes: You shouldn't be surprised if the chicken and I crossed the road to plot terrorist activities, but please understand I'm not threatening anyone when I say that.

[ Stan Kegel, ]

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