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A concert violinist believes that his music has become so captivating that he can now march into the deepest jungleand tame the savage beasts by playing for them.

He heads into the jungle and the first thing that happens is that two lions are entranced by his playing of Mozart.

Soon a panther and a leopard draw close and join the audience. One by one other animals join the audience. A group of elephants stop to listen. Zebras and gazelles sit next to tigers without fear, all entranced by the lilting melodies. Even cobra and mongoose peacefully sit side by side.

Suddenly a hyena comes crashing through the underbrush, pounces on the violinist, and devours him, to the annoyance of the other animals.

"Why did you do a thing like that?" one of the lions says. "This man's music was magnificent, and just as we were really beginning to enjoy ourselves more than we have ever enjoyed ourselves before, you crash in here and destroy everything."

The hyena cups his paw to his ear, leans over closely to the lion and shouts, "What say?"

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