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A helicopter was ordered by the President to go drop three bricks and a bomb on Iraq as a warning of what America will do to Iraq's insurgents if they won't surrender their weapons.

As the helicopter was going to travel to Iraq the hatch of the helicopter was not securely fastened and the 3 bricks and a bomb fell out of the helicopter.

The people in the helicopter were worried about the citizens that might of got hit with the falling objects. So they went down to see if everyone was OK.

When they went down to check on the people, they discovered a girl crying. The pilot asked, "Girl why are you crying?" The girl answered, "Because a brick hit my dad and he died."

They took care of the girl and saw another young man crying. The asked the young boy why he was crying, and he said a brick hit his mom and she died.

They took care of the boy, and saw a woman crying. The pilot again asked, "Woman, why are you crying?" The woman answered, "A brick hit my baby and it died." They took care of the woman and moved on.

They came upon another young boy, but this time, the boy was laughing hysterically. The pilot did not understand why the boy would be laughing and asked him why. The boy then answered, "I'm laughing because I farted and blew up a building!"

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