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Teacher: "How do you think Shakespeare wrote such master pieces?"
College student: "With a pencil, maam, either a 2B or not 2B."

Teacher : "How come you do not comb your hair?"
Ah Kow : "No comb, Sir."
Teacher : "Use your dad's then."
Ah Kow : "No hair, Sir."

Dad : "Son, how can you call your aunt stupid?
Go and say sorry to her."
Son : (goes over to the aunt)
Aunt, I am sorry you are stupid."

"Mum, teacher was asking me today if I have any brothers or sisters who will be coming to school."
"That's nice of her to take such an interest, dear. What did she say when you told her you are the only child?"
"She just said, 'Thank goodness!'"

Teacher: "Where were you born?"
Student: "Singapore, Sir."
Teacher: "Which part?"
Student: "All of me, Sir."

Teacher: "Chong, you missed school last Friday."
Chong: "You're wrong, Sir."
Teacher: "Wrong, how is that?"
Chong: "I was absent, yes but I certainly didn't miss it!"

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