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Explanation of Win2k security rating:

On his web site at Johns Hopkins university, Jonathan Shapiro writes:

By now, you may have heard that Microsoft has received a Common Criteria certification for Windows 2000 (with service pack 3) at Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4. Since a bunch of people know that I work on operating system security and on security assurance, I've received lots of notes asking "What does this mean?" On this page I will try to answer the question. For the impatient the answer is:

"Security experts have been saying for years that the security of the Windows family of products is hopelessly inadequate. Now there is a rigorous government certification confirming this. "

Further down, he also says ...

In the case of CAPP, an EAL4 evaluation tells you everything you need to know. It tells you that Microsoft spent millions of dollars producing documentation that shows that Windows 2000 meets an inadequate set of requirements, and that you can have reasonably strong confidence that this is the case.


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