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"Former President Bill Clinton says he's coming to California to help Governor Gray Davis in his recall election campaign, which is ironic, isn't it? When Clinton was President, he couldn't recall anything." (Jay Leno)

"The Census Bureau said Wednesday the birth rate in the United States reached an all-time low this past year. It's another side effect of Viagra. More women are running off with older men who have higher bank balances and lower sperm counts." (Argus Hamilton)

"The United States is putting together a Constitution now for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It's served us well for 200 years, and we don't appear to be using it anymore, so what the hell?" (Jay Leno)

"Well, we're all excited because President Bush has started his 35-day vacation. He's down there in Crawford, Texas and on the first day of his vacation, he went fishing. He didn't find any fish but he believes they're there and that his intelligence is accurate." (David Letterman)

"The state of Florida will help restore the voting rights to 125,000 felons. Well, that makes sense. A lot of people thought the last election was stolen anyway, might as well let felons vote. Should we let criminals vote? We already let them hold office, might as well let them vote." (Jay Leno)

"Madonna has signed a deal to be the new face of the Gap. As a result, their jeans now come in pleated, flat-front, and crotchless." (Conan O'Brien)

"Former NFL great Mike Ditka will endorse new anti-impotence drug Levitra. Why is this product better than football? All he used to get from that game was a stiff arm." (Alan Ray)

"Governor Gray Davis has asked the California State Supreme Court to delay the October recall vote because he says that's not enough time to put on a fair election. Hey, let me tell you something. If we didn't need a fair election to pick the President of the United States, we don't need a fair election to pick the Governor of California." (Jay Leno)

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