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Bush Sends Dismantled Statue of Liberty To France Postage Due

In retaliation for Frances vow to oppose a second U.N. resolution on Iraq, President Bush ordered that the Statue of Liberty be immediately dismantled and mailed to France postage due. The estimated cost to France for the shipment could total over $3 million.

We no longer want any gifts from the ungrateful, uncooperational French. That statue is now tarnished beyond its appearance because of the country from which it came, Bush announced from the oval office.

The president has requested that the National Park Service, which oversees Liberty Park, commission architect David Libeskind to design an appropriate structure to replace the gaping hole left by the removal of the statue.

Bush added that absence of the Statue of Liberty would also send a clear message that the United States no longer had an open door to tired, huddled masses of foreigners who include terrorists.

Democrats in congress expressed support for the presidents actions and felt it appropriate. We needed to do something to put the French in their place so I applaud the president until I see polls indicating otherwise, at which time I will strongly condemn the action, said Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle.

[Bob Hirschfeld]

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