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"Show Jumping" By Jim Carner
"Small Cars In Great Britain" By Minnie Driver
"Sneezing Fit" By A. Choo
"Solitude" By I. Malone
"Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child" By Corporal Punishment
"Speed Reading" By Paige Turner
"Spots On The Wall" By Hu Flung Poo
"Streams In The Desert" By I. P. Daily
"Teach Your Parrot To Talk" By L. O. Polly
"The Case Of The Stolen Chestnut" By Nick McConker
"The Cat's Revenge" By Claude Balls
"The Chinese Man With One Testicle" By Wot Went Wong
"The Chinese Paedophile" By Fuk M Yung
"The Chinese Youth" By Won Yung Gai
"The Dog's Dinner" By Nora Bone
"The Dripping Tap" By Lee King
"The Easy Lay" By Carmen Gettit
"The History Of Human Civilisation From 1 A.D. To Present Day" By Anne O'Domini
"The Inevitable Occurrence" By Sue Nora Layter
"The Largest Bra In The World" By Norma Stitz
"The Nagging Wife" By Mona Lott
"The Open Kimono" By Seymour Hair
"The Rich Person" By Millie O'Naire
"The Russian With Three Testicles" By Ooja Nikabolokov
"The Size Of My Penis" By Mike Oxlong
"The Thirsty Diner" By Phil McCuppup
"The Trail In The Sand" By Dick Draggin
"The Unhappy Customer" By Mona Lott
"The Worst Weekend In My Life" By Helen Back
"Thunder in the Night" By Henrietta Bean
"Tomcat's Revenge" By Claude Balls
"Trouble In Lancashire" By Igor Blimey
"Under The Grandstand" By Seymour Butts
"Viagra: What It Can Do For You" By Hugh G. Rection
"Weeds In My Garden" By Dan D. Lyon
"Weight Lifting" By Buster Gutt
"Where Did I Go Wrong?" By Major Mistake
"Wonderful Sex Life" By Mona Lott
"Wrist Exercises" By Wayne King
"Writing A Magazine Advice Column" By A. Guinea Arnt
"Yellow Flowing River" By I. P. Daily
"Yellow Snow" By I. P. Freely
"Zephyrs And Breezes" By Wynn D. Weather

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