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"Harbouring A Chinese Fugitive" By Hu Yu Hai Ding
"Hernia On The Yangtze" By Won Hung Low
"Hole In The Mattress" By Mr. Completely
"Home Haircutting" By Shaun Head
"Homosexuality: A Rough Guide" By Dick Sukka
"Homosexuality For Beginners" By Ben Dover
"Homosexuality In Ireland" By Patrick Fitzgerald & Gerald Fitzpatrick
"Homosexuality In Scotland" By Ben Doone & Phil McCavitty
"How To Boast Successfully Vol.1" By Ivor Biggun
"How To Boast Successfully Vol.2" By Mike Oxlong
"How To Make An Igloo" By S. Keemo
"I Don't Believe you" By Paul D. Utherwan
"In The Lions Den" By Nora Bone
"Laying Carpets" By Walter Wall
"Leaving Things Until The Last Minute" By Justin Time
"Leaving Your Country" By Emma Grate
"Lion Tamer's Manual" By Claude Allovah
"Losing My Mind" By C. Nility
"Love In Old Mexico" By L. Rotten Crotcho
"Making Lots Of Money Easily" By Ivor Fortune
"Making Tons Of Money" By Millie O'naire
"Man Joins A Convent" By Farquar Loadanuns
"Mistake We All Make" By General Error
"Mouth Of The River" By S. Tury
"Moving House" By Ivor Newhome
"Old People's Mental Health" By C. Nile
"On The Rocks" By Mandy Lifeboat
"Out On Parole" By Freda Convict
"Pachyderms" By L. E. Fant
"Parachute Jumping" By Willie Maykit
"Performing '69' In Japan" By Tu Can Chu
"Premature Children In China" By Tai Nee Bai Be
"Problem Children" By Miss B. Haviour
"Riding Horses For Pleasure" By G. G. Canters
"Run For Your Lives" By Major Panic
"Russian Torture" By: Hugh Bitchacockov
"Rustle In The Bushes 1" By Izzie Honour
"Rustle In The Bushes 2" By Willie Gettit
"Rusty Bed Springs" By: I. P. Freely
"Sadistic Sex" By Nora Bone
"Sci-Fi Weapons" By Ray Gun
"Screams In The Night" By Claude Balls
"Set Fire To The Taxman" By Bernardette Collector

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