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"A Day At The Beach" By C. Side
"A Large Arsehole" By Hugh Janus
"A Visit To The Dentist" By Lord Howitt-Hertz
"Anal Passage" By R. Sole
"At The Barber's Shop" By Shaun Head
"Baby's Revenge" By Nora Tittov
"Beatiful Babe From Newcastle-Upon-Tyne" By Bonny Lass
"Beside The Seaside" By C. Shaw
"Blood Sucking Insects - Vol.1" By Amos Quito
"Blood Sucking Insects - Vol.2" By Anne Othamosquito
"Blood Sucking Insects - Vol.3" By Andy Nuthamosquito
"Blood Sucking Insects - Vol.4" By Yetta Nuthamosquito
"Blowing Up Buildings" By D. Molition
"Brainless" By M. T. Head
"Breaking The Ice" By P. Kaxx
"Breakfast Recipes" By Egon Toast
"Breast Feeding" By Nora Tittov
"Brick Laying" By C. Ment
"Brown Spots On the Wall" By Hu Fling Pu
"Call The Plumber" By Ivor Leak
"Cannibalism" By Henrietta Mann
"Caring For Parrots" By L. O. Polly
"Cookery For Beginners" By Egon Chips
"Death On The Cliff's Edge" By Eileen Dover
"Defrosting Cattle" By Thora Herd
"Designing Placards" By Bill Poster
"Does My Bum Look Big?" By Hugh Janus
"Driving A Taxi" By Minnie Cabb
"End Of Term" By C. Myra Port
"Escpape To The New Forest" By Lucinda Woods
"Evacuate The Building" By Rufus Falling
"Faeces In The Carpet" By Drew P. Draws
"Fashion Of The 1960's" By Minnie Skirt
"Fat Bottomed Girls" By Hugh Janus
"Feed Your Dog Correctly" By Nora Bone
"First In The Form" By Hedda De Classe
"Five Miles To The Nearest Toilet" By Willie Maykit and Betty Wont - Illustrated by Andy Diddant
"Fooling Around" By Joe King
"Forest Freedom" By Lucinda Woods
"Fun With Your Friends" By Joe Kerr
"Garden Full Of Weeds?" By Dan D. Lyon
"Give To The Poor" By Rob Deritch
"Golden Waterfall" By I. P. Standing

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