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Five rednecks drowned in the Ohio river last week. They were trying to dig a basement in the bottom of their houseboat.

You know you're staying in a redneck motel, when you call up the front desk to say you gotta leak in the sink, and the guy says, "Go ahead."

Hope my family members don't get insulted, but I do have a dead uncle that has a tombstone carved out like an 18 wheeler semi-truck. His wife was driving with him, and she's not dead yet, but the enscryption says, "One fine team". Sorry Aunt Annamae!

Famous last words of a Redneck: "Hey! I got it!"

Redneck ugly date test: Does your dog hump her leg with his eyes open, or shut?

Arkansas State trooper pulls over a pickup truck on I-40. He says to the driver, "Got any ID?". The driver says, "Bout what?".

NASCAR: Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

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