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This man is sitting in the bar crying away. When the bartender asks what's wrong he says he just found out his son is gay. Well, the bartender can imagine the pain this man must be feeling so he says, "Here," handing him a shot of whiskey, "This is on the house. Oh hell, I'll even have a few with you." So they have quite a few drinks over the course of the night.

About a week later the same guy comes in, same thing, crying out loud. When the bartender asks what is wrong the man replies, "I just found out my other son is a fag. "So the bartender sets up a few shots for each of them. As they are drinking the bartender asks how many sons the guy has. "Three." "Is the other one straight?" "As far as I know."

The man leaves. After about a month he comes back in AGAIN he is crying. The bartender thinks poor guy, and asks, "Doesn't ANYONE in your family like having sex with women?????"

"I just found out my wife does."

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