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-=[ Joke Number 222 ]=-

 [ << ] USA = Microsoft, Europe = UNIX [ >>
Top ten reasons USA is the real world Microsoft:

10. Arrogant. Believe they run the world. Is there anyone else?
9. People have a love/hate relationship to it. They love themselves.
8. Does not follow existing standards, or receive outside impulses. Thus reinvents the wheel a lot. Square shape.
7. Younger, yet still struggles with outdated legacies from its inception (Constitution/DOS).
6. Ruled by lawyers and corporate values. Individual freedom limited through intellectual property laws - though you are told otherwise.
5. Uses strong-arm tactics/bullying when dealing with "partners."
4. Creates lots of self-congratulating hype through good marketing.
3. Focuses entirely on money. Quality is less important.
2. Speak only the native language, unless specially equipped.
1. An evasive, self-contradicting leader named Bill.

Top ten reasons Europe is the real world UNIX:

10. Claim to be more literate and intellectual than the brute savages above.
9. Not one single entity, but a mixture of different systems. Each system claims to be the perfect one, and to represent all. Gets insulted when you confuse them.
8. A great past, then almost destroyed each other in internal wars. Recently re-united with common interests, and reclaimed lost ground.
7. Interoperability based on formalized standards.
6. No huge Hollywood titles - small is beautiful.
5. Believe you can express yourself better in writing.
4. Not all titles are available for smaller languages/systems. Sometimes you still have to use English/Windows, to great dismay.
3. Research is more conceptual and academic, less business-driven. Home of the greatest inventors and philosophers.
2. Everything is so fscking expensive. Unless it's free.
1. Snotty, stuffy, cocky, elitist.

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