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 [ << ] You know ye are a pirate when [ >> prefer cheap rum instead of expensive wine. think that the proper way to greet kings at events is: Arrh, ye peacock, give me yer money or I'll burn yer tent! get thrown out of meetings cause you know too much about "slithering throats, ARRH!".'re planning to purchase a large cannon with the explanation: "who knows, maybe some day we go to Pennsic". are not very interested in SCA rapier fencing cause "they've banned fleche and suicidefencing" and you dont really understand that crap bout "chivalry" either.

...people stand WAAY back when your household starts to pull out rapiers, sabres, cutlasses and daggers.

...the people at work starts to talk about you as the guy who puts jolly rogers on everything.

...your topic for the evening is smuggling, and your fellow sca-dians listens politely until you mention "fast motor boats" and starts complaining about how the price on silk has gone down. get really angry when the person next to you at the bancuette, who claims to be a pirate, doesnt know anything about "loading guns with rusty nails" and you challenge him to a cutlassduel, he turns up and then runs away cause you brought your real cutlass.

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