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A small vessel is approaching the Weser river delta from the north sea. The fog is so dense that the captain sends a deckhand to the bow and reduces speed to dead slow ahead.

"Can you see anything!?", the captain shouts.. "Not a tiny thing!" is the answer from the bow.

The captain lets the ship move ahead at lowest speed, only hoping that the currents don't set the ship off to far. "Still nothing in sight!?", the captain asks.

"Nothing at all!", is the reply. "Oh, now there seems to b something! It's almost ahead, just a bit to starboard!"

"Well, and what is it!?"

"I can't tell! By now, it's just a shadow! We need to close in a bit so I can see better!" Cautiously they proceed and the captain turns the ship a little bit to starboard, decreasing the distance to that object.

"Can you see it now?" - "Not really, it's still just a shadow!" "Yes! It looks like a buoy ... oh yes, now I can recognize the shape, it is a buoy! Just close in a little bit more!"

After a short moment: "What type of a buoy, can you see that?"

"No, I can't! Can not distinguish it's colours, see just a shadow in this fog! Go on closer! It's still slightly to starboard!" Again, the captain turns the ship a bit and they continue dead slow ahead through that thick fog.

"Now, what kind of buoy is it!?", the captain shouts.

"It's , uhm ..., it is ... " Crunch! They hit the ground. "Oh yes, now I can see it!" replies the deckhand, "It's a shallow water warning!"

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