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What If Bill Gates Was a Stand-Up Comedian?

1. None of his jokes would be funny.

2. Subliminal message hyping Microsoft and Windows 98 would be inserted throughout his performance.

3. The audio system (running Windows NT) would always crash right before Bill got to a punch line. At that time one of the managers would announce, "Please hold tight while we diagnose this intermittent issue."

4. Tickets for Bill's show would be handed out for free in an attempt to attract customers away from Netscape's shows.

5. Industry pundits would call Bill's show "innovative" and would ask "Why doesn't IBM have a stand-up routine? This is exactly why OS/2 is failing in the market."

6. Bill's show would be called "ActiveHumor 98"

7. In a perfect imitation of his Windows 95 OS, Bill wouldn't be able to tell a joke and walk around at the same time.

8. Audience members would have to sign a License Agreement in which one of the terms is "I agree never to watch Linus Torvalds' show, 'GNU/Humorux'".

9. All audience members would receive a free CD of Internet Explorer 4.0, with FakeJava(R) and ActiveHex(tm) technology.

10. Bill Gates would appear on Saturday Night Live, causing ratings to drop even further.

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