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"Daddy what's fornication?" asks the boy.

The father buries his head in the newspaper and says, "Go ask you mother."

"Mother, what is fornication?" asks the child.

Embarrassed, the mother tells the child that she cannot answer that question he should ask his sister a teenager that knows everything.

"Sis, what is fornication?" the fellow asks.

"I can't answer that question you little squirt, but you know what, ask Grandma. She will tell you."

"Grandma, what's fornication?"

"This child I cannot tell you but I can show you, follow me up to my bedroom and I will show you."

The kid follows his grandma up to her bedroom, she has him sit on the bed. she closes the bedroom door, goes to the closet, pulls out a lovely evening gown and says, "This, child, is for an occasion."

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