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One day Androcles was walking through the veldt when he came upon a lion sitting by the edge of the path, holding a rear paw and crying.

Androcles stopped and asked the lion what was wrong.

"Oh, Androcles, I have a thorn caught in my paw and can't get it out, and it hurts so much," said the lion. "I'd be forever grateful to you if you'd pull it out."

So Androcles looked and, sure enough, there was a big wicked- looking thorn buried deeply in the lion's rear offside paw. He considered the thorn for a while, and then said to the lion, "Oh, stop whining! A little discomfort won't kill you! Now, you just get yourself up and walk normally on it, and there'll be a little pain, but I'm sure it'll eventually work its way out and you'll be fine."

So the big lion got up, thanked Androcles, and hobbled off into the veldt.

And Androcles continued on to his job at the HMO.

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