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The abbot of a nearby abbey was out in the nearby city running errands downtown when he saw a woman of questionable character say to a passerby, "Twenty bucks for a blowjob," at which point the passerby and the woman promptly went down the next alley, where they went out of view.

The abbot was perplexed, for the very same thing occurred at another streetcorner in the city. He was walking down a sidewalk, when another woman, much the same as the first, stated to another passerby, "Twenty bucks for a blowjob," at which point the two rapidly went into a nearby alley, where the abbot couldn't see what was going on. Still not knowing what a "blowjob" was, the abbot left the city as naive as he was upon entering it.

Back up the hill, the abbot was still contemplating what a blowjob was, so he went to see the mother superior at the adjacent convent. "Mother superior," he asked, "what's a blowjob?"

"Twenty bucks, same as downtown!"

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