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Little Johnny returned home from his after school paper run and announced to his Dad, "Dad, I'm 12 years old now and feel it's about time I lost my virginity."

"Are you crazy??" says his Dad. "What 12 year old girl will sleep with you?"

"None" says Little Johnny. "I've saved up enough money from my job after school and I'm going to pay for a hooker."

Little Johnny's Dad half believing him says, "Well suit yourself son, go waste your money!"

So off he goes, riding down the street on his bike when he happens to see his grandmother at her house watering the garden.

"Where are you going in such a hurry Little Johnny??" says Grandma.

"I'm going to lose my virginity today, Grandma," replies Little Johnny.

"I'm going to screw a prostitute."

Having lived through World War II, Grandma has heard it all. "Look," she says, "Don't waste your money on that rubbish, come inside and we'll have a little chat."

They both go into Grandma's bedroom and Grandma hikes up her dress, lies down on the bed and tells Little Johnny to give it to her.

Little Johnny whips off his shorts, climbs on grandma and hammers away like a man possessed. 3 minutes later he finishes up, puts on his shorts, thanks Grandma and whistles as he rides home.

Walking into the house, the first question his Dad asks is, "Well son, how much money did you lose??"

"None Dad," says Johnny.

"What do you mean none. How can you screw a hooker and pay nothing??"

"Well," says Little Johnny. "I was riding to see a hooker when I saw Grandma first and she told me to save my money, ... so I screwed her instead."

"WHAT!!" screams Little Johnny's Dad. "How could you sleep with your grandmother??"

"Well Dad," says Little Johnny with a grin on his face, "I figure, you screw my mom, so I'll screw yours!!"

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