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It was the first day of classes at Stern College for Women of Yeshiva University, and I was waiting in my classroom for students in my public speaking course. Because of congestion in the elevators and room changes, several were still missing and I thought I would talk with those present while we were waiting.

"What have you learned so far today?" I asked.

Some students raised their hands and told what they had learned.

A late arriving student took a seat and I asked her the same question. "I haven't learned anything today; this is my first class," she said.

"What time did you get up this morning?" I asked.

"Very early," she replied. I told her that learning takes place beyond the four walls that surrounded us and asked what she had learned since she awakened.

She sat silently for a moment and then jumped up. "I've just learned I'm in the wrong classroom," she said as she made her exit.

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