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Alice's twin boys were exact opposites. Bill was an eternal optimist. No matter how dark the cloud, he always found a silver lining. Bob was a hopeless pessimist...always finding the negative no matter how good the situation.

Alice asked a psychiatrist what to do about Christmas. The doctor told her to buy all the toys she could for Bob, the pessimist; and to get nothing for Bill. In fact, he told her to wrap up some manure for Bill.

Christmas morning, Dave and Alice came downstairs and found the twins by the tree. She asked Bob what Santa had brought him.

"A BB gun, but I'll probably hit someone in the eye and blind him. And a bicycle, but I'll probably get run over and be killed while riding it. And a computer, but I'll probably get carpal tunnel syndrome from too much typing. And an electric train, but I'll probably electrocute myself," said Bob.

Realizing it wasn't going well, Alice asked Bill what he got.

"I'm not sure!!" he replied excitedly. "I think I got a pony, but I haven't been able to find him yet."

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