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Jimbo: Why don't you take the school bus home?
Ted: I can't. My mother would make me bring it back!

Father: How were your test scores, son?
Son: Underwater, Dad.
Father: What do mean, underwater?
Son: You know, below C level!

School Secretary: You say Ernie has a bad cold and can't come to school today? Who is speaking?
Voice on the Telephone: This is my father.

Anne: Hurray! The teacher said we'd have a test today rain or shine.
Dan: Then, why are you so happy?
Anne: It's snowing!

FAMOUS WORDS: I wasn't late to school, the bell was early!

Coca-Cola came to town,
Pepsi-Cola shot him down,
Dr. Pepper fixed them up,
Now they all drink 7-UP.

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