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A certain psychiatrist had fallen into the habit, each day after work, to stop in the local bar for a drink to relax. Being a man of strange tastes, his favorite drink was a chicory daiquiri. Dick, the bartender, had only this one customer who requested this strange concoction, but because the Doctor was a regular, he kept a supply of chicory, in the refrigerator. The Doctor always stopped in at the same time evey day, so Dick was able to prepare the drink ahead of time and have it ready and waiting for this regular customer.

One day, as Dick was preparing for the Doctors arrival, he discovered he had run out of chicory. He was frantic to find a solution to his problem. Then he noticed a bottle of hickory flavoring on the shelf. In the hopes the Doctor would not notice, he prepared the drink and slid it onto the bar just as his customer sat down.

After the Doctor took the first sip, he asked, " Is this a Chickory daiquiri Dick?" "No, it's a hickory daiquiri, Doc!" was the reply.

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