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Little Johnny is standing on a street corner with a pair of drumsticks, playing air drums. He is having a really good time, waving the sticks around like he's playing, and making verbal drum sounds. "Boom boom, DA! Ba boom boom, DA!"

A little girl about the same age happens to walk by. She is wearing a cute little dress, and when she sees Johnny she stops walking and starts staring intently at him.

So now he really starts getting into it. "Zagadaga! Zagadaga!" he says, quickly fanning the sticks in front of him. "Diggleda! Diggleda! Diggleda! Psshhhh!"

The little girl points her forefinger at Johnny, then turns it upward and wiggles it. "Follow me," she says. They walk a little bit, then the girls leads Johnny back behind a large billboard sign. She pulls up her dress and points between her legs. "Eat that!" she commands.

Johnny's eyes open wide, and he stammers, "I...I...I'm not a *real* drummer!"

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