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The teacher had decided to test her pupils on the number of words they knew.

To do this she decided she'd ask each child to work through the alphabet providing a word for each letter.

She, very unwisely, started with young Johnnie. 'Johnnie' said the teacher 'what's the first letter of the alphabet and what is a word that starts with it?'

'A' said Johnnie, 'A is for arsehole!'

'Johnnie' scolded the teacher 'you must not swear...let's try another... what is the next letter?'

'B' said Johnnie 'B is for bastard.' 'Johnnie' the teacher yelled 'I told you not to swear...dont do it again. Now let's continue.'

But before Johnnie could go on the teacher suddenly thought 'hmm...better skip the letter C or he'll probably say *that* word.'

'Johnnie...start again from the letter D.'

'D' said Johnnie 'D is for dwarf.'

'A breakthrough' thought his teacher 'better encourage him.'

'That's a good choice Johnnie...what is a dwarf?' she asked.

Johnnie looked up at the teacher then stuck out his hand and held it a couple of feet above the floor 'A dwarf's a little fucking cunt about this tall!'

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