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The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

"Within 10 years, Computers won't even keep us as pets".
-- Marvin Minsky, 1967

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

Titanium G4 Powerbook, NT Server, Linux Box and PC-XT were having a byte at the local computer cafe ...

On the wall is a poster of Marvin Minsky, with his 1967 quote: "Within 10 years, Computers won't even keep us as pets".

G4: Gnarly. What's it like having a human pet?

NT: Man, it sucks, they are always getting crumbs in my keyboard.

Linux: Bogus.

PC-XT: hummm.... beep beep.

NT: Yeah and they have these little ones that are always smacking my mouse around and smearing peanut butter on my face.

Linux: Gross.

NT: But it could be worse. You know when I was just Win 3.x, they were total dorks, at least now they have some computer savvy, but it's still irksome.

Linux: Freaky. My pet's ok I guess. I mean he pretty much just sets me up as his web server and leaves me alone to buzz away on traffic. Though lately those web worms are really pissing me off.

NT: Tell me about it.

G4: Yeah I feel bad for you guys. I mean I get a lot of crap in my web logs, but pretty much those viruses are meant for you.

PC-XT: RAM Check - / | \ - / ....

Linux: Sorry to bitch though-- it IS more of a Microsoft security breech though--so rampant, man.

NT: Dude, don't get me started...

G4: Oh fuck, here we go again...

PC-XT: Keyboard detected!

Linux: I mean what good's a firewall if your own OS has so many damn holes in it, any script kiddy can crash you.

NT: Attach this pal...

G4: <smirk> This EXE's for you, ;-)

NT/Linux: Stay out of this Titanium!

PC-XT: C:\>

Linux: Yeah, don't you have some AOL chatroom to go to?

G4: Get a clue, my pet's no AOL user, she's an IT manager.

NT: Yeah and mine's Bill Gates.

Linux/G4: You wish!

NT/G4/Linux: LOL

PC-XT: C:\>

G4: Let's roll. I heard there's some new Anna Kournikova web cam.

NT: Freaky.

Linux: Nah I'm outta here, I want to download some new PHP admin applets.

G4: Whatever.

NT: "This workstation is locked. Press Control-Alt-Delete to log in."

G4: <chime>

Linux: exit

PC-XT: Bad command or filename.

[Internet Oracle]

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