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Question: Just how do pastors travel?
Answer: They travel by holy-copter.

Question: What are contented cows contented?
Answer: They just got back from the moooo-vies.

Question: What is the cows favorite dance?
Answer: Moooo-ving and shaking.

Question: Where do Eskimos keep their pet pigs?
Answer: In pigloos. (and if they get out, then they are: pig loose.)

Question: What food does a cow in love crave?
Answer: A "bull only" sandwitch.

Question: So why are there no anorexic cows?
Answer: They tend more toward bull emia.

Question: What do you call a cow that has just given birth?
Answer: Decalf-inated cow.

Question: What kind of clothes do cows wear?
Answer: They always wear Jerseys.

Question: Why don't cows rule the world?
Answer: They are too cow-ardly.

Question: Why do I tell so many cow jokes?
Answer: I have to milk it for all it is worth!

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