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Little Johnnie was late to school one Wednesday, so the teacher asked him why he was late.

"Well Ms. Johnson," he answered, "my dad sleeps naked and..."

"That'll be quite enough, Johnnie!" Ms Johnson interrupted. "We'll have none of your smut today, young man. Just get to your seat."

A short time passed and Ms. Johnson called Johnnie up to her desk. "Now Johnnie, I want you to tell me why you were late, and none of your filth!"

"But Ms Johnson my dad does sleep naked and that is part of why I was late."

"Well ok, but if you go too far with this story it's to the principles office next."

"Yes Ma'am. Well, like I said, my dad sleeps naked, and about two o'clock this morning we heard something in the hen house. So dad grabbed his shotgun, hoping to catch that fox that been bothering our chickens. So there he is, bent down looking in the hen house and our dog old Blue (who probably has the coldest nose in the whole county) comes up behind him. Boom! goes the shotgun! So, Ms. Johnson, I've been feathers off chickens all morning."

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