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-=[ Joke Number 1430 ]=-

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1. Road rage: Who gives a BEEP!

2. Why not raise a little hell, even Satan likes to part now and then!

3. " SPECIAL UPDATE " Elvis has just been spotted entering gay night club with a HUNKA HUNKA man!

4. Get down on all fours. Okay, now bark like a dog!

5. "MARRIAGE", One indecent proposal!

6. REALITY BITES, and I have the teeth marks to prove it!

7. New Yorkers are the crab apples of Society!

8. MENOPAUSE: When it comes to bitching, theirs no better alibi!

9. Women have made men out to be what they still are today: PIGS!!!

10. I've managed to consolidate all my bills into one single GARBAGE CAN!

11. Love is in the air, and it's a real STINKER TOO!

12. IMPOTENCY: It's all in the HEAD!

13. If sex wont come to you: Advertise!

14. If honesty is the best policy, I want a refund!

15. Your the object of my ERECTION!

16. No drugs here, OFFICER!

[ Robert M. Hensel ]

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