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There were three brothers, one was 19, one was 16, and the youngest, Little Johnny, was 9.

Johnny walked into the living room one day and saw his big brother having sex with his girl friend. Johnny said "Big brother, whatcha doing?"

Big brother says "Oh, uh, we're uh, making pizza."

So Johnny said, "Oh, okay," and then walked off.

A little later, Johnny walked into the middle brother's bedroom and found him having sex with his girlfriend. Johnny said, "Brother, whatcha doing?"

The middle brother answered, "Uh, we're making pizza. Yeah, thats what we're doing."

Little Johnny said, "Oh. okay," and walked off.

Well a little later, Johnny was walking with his girl friend, and he said "Hey, wanna go make pizza with me?"

The little girl said "Sure." They walked back to Johnny's house, went into his room and started having sex. Well, after a while the little girl said, "Uh, I think the pizza is done."

Johnny asked, "How do you know that?"

She answered, "Cuz the cheese is running down my leg."

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