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One day after school, Little Johnny went to confession. "Forgive me Father for I have sinned." said Johnny.

The Father recognizes the voice, "Is that you Johnny McGee?"

"Yes it is I" replied Johnny. "I have been with a loose girl, Father" confessed Johnny.
"Was it Sally O'Brien?"
"No is was not Sally O'Brien"
The Father again asks, "Was it Julie Flannigan?"
"No it was not Julie Flannigan."
"Was it Fiona McDonald?".
Johnny quickly replies "No is was not Fion McDonald".
"Well, then, who could it be?", asked the priest.
"I would rather not ruin the girls reputation" exclaimed Johnny.
"I admire your conviction, Johnny, but you must pay for your sins."

You must do five Hail Mary's and four Our Fathers" demanded the father.

After Little Johnny completes his penance, he runs into his best friend, Tommy.

Tommy asks "What did you get, Johnny?"

Johnny replies, "I got five Hail Mary's, four Our Fathers and three good leads!"

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