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Ole was in a shop buying kjöttbullar, and wanted to pay with his creditcard. The storekeeper told him to identify himself, so Ole pulled out a mirror, looked in it and replied: "Yup, thats me!"


A non-churchgoer, Ole was finally prevailed upon by his friends and family to read the Bible. Asked sometime thereafter what he thought of the Scriptures, Ole scratched his head and muttered: "Vell, I don't know. De Bible for sure says a lot about St. Paul, but it don't say nuttin' about Minneapolis!"


Ole was migrating to the US, via ship. While crossing the North Sea during extremely rough weather, Ole is hanging over the rail, vomiting violently. A sailor came by and asked, "What's wrong, Ole, a weak stomach?" Ole replied, "No, I don't tink so, I'm puking yust about as far as anyone else"

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