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There was a guy and a girl who was going at it in the guy's bedroom. Suddenly the girl stops doing what she was doing and tells the guy that she heard something downstairs. The guy goes down to check on it. After a few minutes, he comes back upstairs and tells the girl that it was the cat. Then he asks what she did with the condom. The girl replied that she got scared and she threw it out the window.

The both look out the window and they see Little Johnny staring at it in the middle of the sidewalk. The guy yelled out the window, "Hey, boy! I'll give you 50 cents if you throw that back up here!"

Johnny is excited at the chance of getting 50 cents and eagerly throws the condom back up the window.

That night, Johnny's mom asked him how his day was. Johnny replied, "It was great! I was walking down the street when I saw a twinkie in the middle of the street. A guy saw me from the window and said he'll pay me 50 cents if i'll throw it up to him. But i cheated him out because I sucked out all of the cream filling before throwing it back up to him."

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