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-=[ Joke Number 1288 ]=-

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Scoring: 5 points for every question you answer 'yes' to.

1. Do you think that pizza should be named as the sixth food group?

2. Is your idea of a social life talking to your computer while you write code?

3. Do you know how to read binary numbers?

4. Do you know your birthday in binary?

5. In hexidecimal

6. Do you get aroused when browsing through Computer Shopper?

7. Was your last date with a member of the opposite sex before the advent of the World Wide Web?

8. Do you use the Internet?

9. Do you spend more than 2 hours per day on the net?

10. More than 4?

11. Every waking minute?

12. Would you go into a coma without caffeine?

13. Are any of your home appliances SNMP manageable?

14. Do you even know what SNMP is?

15. Are your best friends onMOO?

16. Do you know what an RFC is?

17. Can you name any?

18. Can you name them ALL?

19. Do you know the difference between octal and octane?

20. Is your idea of cleaning your house stacking all of your floppy disks neatly and throwing out your empty cans of Jolt?

0-5 Relatively normal
10-20 Geek wanabee
25-50 Tech head
55-75 Geek
80-90 Hopeless Geek
95 King of the Geeks
100 No longer even a member of the human race, you have been assimilated.

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