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A woman opened the door of a building and was about to step outside when she heard a voice saying, "Don't take that next step or you'll regret it." She paused and a brick came crashing to the pavement right where she would have been standing. She looked around and there was no one nearby.

The next day this woman was about to step into the street when she heard this same voice say, "Don't take that next step or you'll regret it." As she paused a truck came racing by and smashed into a nearby vehicle. She knew if she hadn't listened to that voice she would have been hurt badly, or maybe even killed.

She looked behind her and there was no one nearby. "All right," she said , "Who are you ?" "I'm your guardian angel," the voice replied. "Oh, if that's the case," the woman said, "Where were you on my wedding day?"

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