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Choosing a present becomes a problem in very rich families where everybody has everything. One small rich boy has been looking very hard for a gift for her mother for three days and finally found something intersting in a pet shop : a magnificient parrot marked at 10,000 U$ !

- 'This very rare parrot used to work for a circus: he speaks nine languages and sings some opera airs' says the store owner. 'He can also tap dance'

- 'I'll take it' says the rich boy, thus spending three month's worth of his pocket money.

And he puts the parrot under the Christmas tree with a note 'Merry Christmas mother'

The next morning, he eagersly ask his rich mother how she liked the gift...

- 'Oh! Dear sweethearth. Thank you so much' says the rich mother. 'He was simply delicious...!'

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