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An English professor and his son recently moved to Texas. One Saturday afternoon they decided to take a walk through the park. During the walk the boy sees two cowboys go by.

"Dad, look at those bow-legged bastards!"

The father is surprised by this and tells his son that that is not very nice language to use.

A few minutes later, two more cowboys walk by and again the boy yells, "Dad, look at those bow legged bastards!"

The father, quite upset now turns to his son and says, "I told you not to say that and I do not want to hear it again, or else."

Just a few minutes go by and another pair of cowboys, walk by and once again the child yells, "Dad, look at those bow-legged bastards!"

"That's it!" the father yells, and takes the kid home and locks him in his room with the complete works of Shakespeare.

Two weeks later, he lets his son out and notices that he has taken to speaking in verse like Shakespeare wrote. This impressed the father so he decided to take his son out for another walk through the park. As they were walking a pair of cowboys walk past them.

The boy turns to his father and says, "Father, what strange men are these / whose balls hang in parentheses?"

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