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Latest 30 Jokes (3631-3660)
These are the newest 30 jokes sent via the advertisement free jokeslist fun4you:
3631Ascii-Art: Bambi
3632Lots of Patience
3633Bathroom Scales
3634Bad Day
3635Thanksgiving Definitions
3636Redneck Thanksgiving
3637Star Trek Toys
3638Night Before Christmas (Legal)
3639Believe in Santa Claus?
3640Twelve Computerized Days of Christmas
3642Valuable Info
3643Half a Cake...
3644Parking Concern
3645Emailers Anonymous
3646New Tattoo
3647"Say What?"
3648You Know You're From Tennessee When(1)
3649Blind Date
3650You Know You're From Tennessee When(2)
3651A Man With No Ears
3652Working Relationship
3653How Bill and Hillary Really Met
3654Archaeologist's Wife
3655Why did the blonde get fired...
3656So you want to marry a millionaire?
3657Kitty & Lady Find Love
3658Which girlfriend should I marry?
3659Golf and Public Restrooms
3660Talking Italian
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