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Chicken: Computers (24)
Jesus and Joseph
404 Not Found :) -- Italian Woman
Chicken: Monty Python (25)
Ways to impress the opposite sex
Always give 100%
Did you hear?
Chicken: Star Trek (26a)
New Office Olympics Top 100
Gently down the stream
Chinese Dictionary Top 100
Chicken: Star Trek (26b)
Owed Two Computer
Got Some New Pigs.
Chicken: Star Wars (27a)
Jokes women tell about men Top 100
Serenity Prayer
School Rules
Chicken: Star Wars (27b)
Beer quotes
New Tourist Slogans For New York
Multitasking and Chewing Gum
Chicken: Phantom Menace(27c)
The gift
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Costs Top 200
Golf Course Language
Chicken: Babylon 5 (28)
Bumper Sticker Philosophy
Single Woman's Prayer
Internet Help
Chicken: The X-Files (29a)
What's Happening
How Do You Say...
Chicken: The X-Files (29b)
Ten Professions Defined
Tips for Cowboys
Chicken: The X-Files (29c)
The Funeral
Bible by College Students
Psychiatric Hotline!
Chicken: The X-Files (29d)
Ascii-Art: Southpark Snowball Top 200
Signs You're from New York
Ascii-Art: Calvin
Chicken: The Zodiac (30)
A True Atheist
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